Saturday, November 21, 2009


I just received my acceptance letter to UH MBA program. Go Coogs!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Pictures

Some pictures over the past few weeks.

A night out at Bakers Street with Heather and Aaron.

Lindsey's Birthday party, out to dinner and dueling pianos.

Us at Lindsey's party, hanging out, having a good time on a Saturday Night.

Suzanne and Amber, dance teachers at West field High School, showing off their Halloween spirit.

Dancing to Thriller at the football game.

This was the Bob and Sue dance for the team. One of the girls on the team didn't have a partner for this dance so Dave was "allowed" to fill in for their dance.

Halloween night in College Station. Suzanne was a leopard and Dave was the guy on safari with the goofy hat vest and camera.

Football game in College Station.

On Kyle Field!!! The weather was gorgeous, the game was good, and we had a blast!

Football Season

Football season is a particularly busy time around our house. We will post more when we get a chance.