Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Photo's Over The Years

Here it is random photo time again...

This one the date says Dec 24Th 2005 so that would make it 2 days before we got engaged. I sure had some long hair back then, maybe I should grow it out again? Suzanne looking all cute and dressed up for Christmas eve.

This was at Eric's apartment (maybe rented house) in Corpus. I don't remember the occasion and there doesn't seem to be anything strictly identifying the date. So, just a cute picture with no real story behind it.

Dallas, Texas. Rangers and Astros baseball game. It was really hot that day. We had a really good time. Look Rammy snuck his way into the picture. :) (Again no date...I'll have to think back to when it was we went to this game)

Another cute one of Suzanne all dressed up. This was Leila's Wedding.

We seem to have a lot of pictures of us at baseball games. She must like me a lot to go to all those games. Here is one of opening day 2007. I'm glad my new camera has a date stamp on it, all this thinking back to remember the date is tough.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aggie Football!

Cotton Bowl.

So Wednesday we got home and my tickets to the cotton bowl had arrived.

On Friday, Eric, Ram, James and I struck out on a road trip to Dallas to see that Aggie's play LSU.

Zoe was supposed to cooperate and wait until after the Aggie game to make her appearance, but she does things on her own schedule not mine. I guess that's probably not going to change any time soon, so my road trip consisted of 3 hours of sleeping in the back while Ram drove.

Part of the reason to go was to see this new stadium that Jerry build... (somehow if you build it they will come pops into my head)

Why so serious???

Good friends having a good time on a road trip!
We even got there early and had time for some bones.
The sun and the clouds made a nice sunset.
Some of us never really grew up. (And we are OK with that.) Zoe will just have to get used to a daddy that goes on road trips to watch Aggie football! Next time though she should get to come, we'll make a family trip out of it, it'll be fun!
The game didn't really turn out as planned but the whole experience was fun and that's what really matters. Thank you Suzanne for letting daddy go and have fun!!! Not many women would be cool with their husband leaving 4 days after their child was born to go watch football. (You are the best mom and wife a guy could ask for!!!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New year!

We spent this new years as we did last year at Leila's party. We had a great time.

The girls always look so cute.

We'll post more soon...(probably mostly on the baby blog!)