Monday, July 26, 2010

Cruise Pictures

This past week we went on a cruise around the Caribbean (or is it Caribbean you decide)

Mom made the trip with us. She had never been on a cruise before and I think she had a pretty good time. As you can see in the picture the boat was called the Conquest.

We played a little mini golf on the top deck of the boat. It was pretty windy. It was the first time I ever made a hole in Zero. (I just put the ball down and the wind blew it right into the hole)

Our first stop was Jamaica, where we climbed the Dunn River Falls!

Also in Jamaica we played with the Dolphins, they really are quite amazing creatures.

Receiving a kiss from the Dolphin.

One for me too!

Next stop was Grand Cayman Island. There was a unique rock formation and a little town called Hell because of the rock formation. (They have their own little post office there, if you mail a postcard from there it will be stamped from Hell)

After Hell we went to the turtle farm, where they said they have about 15,000 turtles, some hatch lings, some babies, and some up to 100+ years old.

We got to hold the little 2 year old turtles.

They flapped their flippers pretty excitedly.

Approximately 1 mile off the coast (30 min by small boat) is the stingray sandbar.

The water looks like it could be pool water but we are in the middle of the ocean.

A little petting of the stingray, notice you hold him (or her) from the front, far away from the stinger in the back.

They are wild stingrays in the middle of the ocean so you want to be careful, but they are used to people because they get fed at this sandbar quite often. (It is Grand Cayman's most famous attraction.)

On to Cozumel where we did some shopping.

Finish off the trip with a nice Mexican Lunch

More Good Stuff

My dad and Eric, helped put up some new doors in our house.

The white doors in the background Eric helped put up separate the living room and dining room, and the Mahogany french doors are in the front entry way.

Finished product pictured to follow (when I get it finished :)) I still have the door casing and the handles to install.