Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some pictures of us

I happen to like us so is it any wonder that I like taking pictures of us with cool stuff in the background. We tried to get one of both of us in all the places that we visited.

This was the first afternoon on the boat. Can you tell we have been traveling to get to the boat for quite some time? This is the room and the window to look out at the ocean.

We went to the balcony of the boat. It was sort of windy and sunny.

Dinner on the boat was great.

There was a dance club on the boat as well.

Malta was the first stop on the trip. This was a really nice place with a very interesting history.

Naples and Pompeii was the second stop. We ate lunch at a little pizzeria in Pompeii.

Rome was really cool. There was so much to see there.

We took a open air bus tour around Rome. We could have spent a week here and not gotten to see everything but we had a really nice time and we saw a lot.

Fourth port, I don't think this picture really needs a caption to know where this was taken.

Train ride between Pisa and Florence. I thought this was a really cute picture.

Florence was very nice as well. By this time we were getting a lot of experience in riding trains and busses it was quite fun.

Dinner in Spain was very good food and did you notice the pitcher of sangria?

This was a little restaurant in the old gothic quarter in Barcelona. This place was hands down the best place that we ate at the entire trip. Suzanne said that she is going to write Frommer’s and tell them about this place. If you ever go to Barcelona ask us and we'll tell you how to get to this place, definitely worth trying to find.

This I think is the cutest picture that we have. This night we went to a flamenco show, very cool.

Can you tell we like to go out to eat? This restaurant was very interesting. It was a restaurant where every course was a dessert, and with as much as Suzanne and I like dessert we simply had to try it out.

We have about 400 plus pictures of our trip so expect more from each of the different places that we visited but I like looking at myself with my beautiful wife so I put up a bunch with us in them.

Monaco was really awesome.

As a part of our trip we got to go to some other places in Europe. One of the stops was in Monaco, it wa a really pretty place.

This was the view from the Palace, looking over the Marina

A picture of the Palace.

Dave found some cannons... Cool.

Suzanne found a house with her name on it. Villa Suzanne.

Our trip to Spain... In no particular order

I figured if I just started writing in order what we did it would get kind of boring. And then we did, and then we did, and then we did... So I'll just start putting stuff up as I think about it and we will see where it goes.

Suzanne found a fridge to match her kitchen.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last day of vacation

It's now the last day of our vacation and we are packing to go back to Lagos. We have tons of pictures and it will take a really long time to load them so be expecting them kind of soon. We had a great time and look forward to reliving it by posting about it. See ya'll soon


Thursday, August 14, 2008

The internet is sort of working right now

The beach trip was an interesting experience. We got stopped on the way there by the “police.” They searched until they found something they could say was worth a fine. So we dashed them (which means we paid them off) and were back on our way to the beach.

Once we got there we got to experience the joys of bargaining for just about anything that we could think of that would be sold on a beach. Here are some of the crabs that we got for lunch.

This was the little cabin that we rented for the afternoon.

The locals came in with their “fresh catch” from their fishing boat. Come to find out they had the fish from the other day and they simply put them back in the boat so that they could call it fresh catch.

The cabin had a little balcony attached to it.

It was kind of cloudy that day but we still had a good time while we were there.

Like I said there were vendors selling just about everything. This is the loot we walked away with.

These little lizards were all around. They looked a lot like my old pet.

We played some games.

Fresh coconuts were pretty good.

More Pictures

Churrasco’s in Nigeria with several friends

You’ve all met Amy and Reza before. They are in a lot of our pictures. We like them, they are cool.

This is pictures of the rest of our group. We have a good time when we get to go out.

I got to eat some meat it was good.

Trying impatiently to add pictures

We went to the conservatory. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a good time walking around the place

There was this lovely walkway that went around the entire place. It was kind of neat.

This was a structure that was built so that you could climb to the top of one of the trees. It was pretty tall and kind of scary climbing up. (Suzanne didn’t go up, but I like to climb things. She let me go all by myself.)

Picture from the top of the trees.

We saw some wildlife while we were there. This was our turtle friend.

Peacocks just hanging out.

You can sort of see the monkeys if you look right in the middle of the picture. There are three of them in this picture can you find them all?

Afterwards we went to a little shop for dessert. It was yummy.

That evening we went to see a local band at one of the little places to go out at. The little place was right on the water here but it was too dark to get a picture maybe we’ll go out again and get a picture of the place and not just the band.

She’s so pretty when she’s having a good time.