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47 Months

Our little boo bear

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4 Months

Little bears at 4 months

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Amusement Park

In order to get the true Amusement Park experience, we extended our trip by a day, went home through Oklahoma City, and had a great time at Frontier City.

Zoe: "I get to go to ANOTHER amusement park. This is Great!"

Tea cups with Mama.

Old time cars with Daddy.

After a few of the little rides, she was ready to try one of the Big Roller Coasters.

She wasn't quite tall enough, but we snuck her past the measuring stick and got on anyway.

She really enjoyed riding the wildcat.

After waiting in the lines for so long we made our way over to the kiddie area where there were no lines. Here we rode a coaster called the Wild Kitty.

A nice trip on the Raging Rapids (basically Thunder River.)

The kiddie area was called Tiny Timber Town.

A cool down in the water area of the park.

Mama and little bear splashing around a bit. Little bear wasn't quite sure about the water.

Back to Tiny Timber Town there was a canoe ride.

The Swings.

We rode the Wild Kitty about 6 more times.

In Oklahoma City we rode a carriage ride around town. It ended up being a pretty good trip after all!

Congrats John!

Congrats John, we knew you would make it... Now off to wherever it is that you are going to go!

Daddy got a picture with little bear, all dressed up.

Road Trip Cont.

We had a second day to fill while the park was closed.

We went to lunch

We found a butterfly exhibit

It's hard work being this cute.

They had a little mirror cave that was fun to walk through.

After the butterflies we went to a drive through caverns.

It's a cave, a narrow gloomy cave.

Silly Bear.

Mama and Baby.

Hey, that's us.

We got everyone in the picture.

Road Trip!

My little brother John graduated from Army boot camp. We took a road trip up to see him in Fort Leonard Wood MO. Since we were driving we decided to go two days early and stop by Branson, MO for some time at the amusement park Silver Dollar City.

We borrowed Nick's van because all the stuff that you need to bring when travelling with small children. 

It was a nice scenic drive.

We stayed at a nice hotel, where we did some swimming and some activities.

Swimming with 2 little bears

Mama and Baby pie

Craft: Stuffed monkey

Jumping on the bean bag chairs

Zoe really enjoyed being able to stay up late and watch her shows

Little Smiles from Little Bear

Smore's at night. If you make Smore's Pink foot will come!

We finally made it to the Park after 15 hours of driving and...

Sorry folks. The park is closed this week.

After a minor panic attack we needed to find something for the little one to do that was fun

Apparently the only thing open in the town was one go cart track. Luckily our little one was little enough to not know the difference between an amusement park and a go cart track.

She had quite a good time at the "Amusement Park"

To be fair, the go cart track was kinda like a Roller Coaster. We told her it was a "Go Cart Roller Coaster"

It was a pretty fun ride.