Monday, March 22, 2010

Out for an evening

We went out with some friends, Suzanne got all dresses up looking cute so we had to bring the camera.

Sushi Sara, a nice little place close by to get some sushi.

After sushi we went to Baker's Street for a drink. (The girls looking cute as always.)

Heather and Aaron (Hey I've seen them before.)

A nice relaxing evening to cap off spring break (Now get back to work, oh wait I didn't take off from work, oh well maybe next spring break I hear they come around once a year.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Since we couldn't go out on our actual anniversary, Over the weekend we went to a nice winery and bed and breakfast in College Station.

A nice little tour of the winery (With Samples.)

It was a beautiful day, the weather was very nice.

Dave with some barrels of wine. (This looks just like the picture of Dave on our Honeymoon next to a bunch of barrels of wine.)

Suzanne all dressed up and looking cute for our evening dinner date.

The restaurant was also used as a storage place for the wine. It was quite a nifty Idea. The food was good, we had a very nice evening.

Some pictures over the last couple of weeks

An evening out with friends. (Yes Heather I stole pictures from your blog again)

The girls looking cute as always.

Heather and Aaron, hey she actually got a smile out of him. (Aaron doesn't much like pictures)

Julie and Nick, After dinner They took us to Swirl. (I didn't know frozen yogurt could taste so good)

Suzanne always looking so cute

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 Years

The last couple of years we have been in some pretty cool places on our anniversary. This year I have a test (boo.) Oh well, we'll have a good time this weekend. In the mean time here are some pictures from our last couple of anniversaries.

Last year in Egypt, visiting the pyramids and such.

First anniversary in Mexico.

Hey look Dave found some food!
Happy Anniversary! It has been 3 wonderful years!