Monday, May 26, 2008

Deep in thought...

I haven't figured out what I'm thinking about, but I'm thinking real hard about it.

The guys here like to make fun of people. I guess I'm the only white guy they have seen that has a beard.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

8 Weeks

It doesn't sound like a long time, and to those of you back home (other than my wife) it probably hasn't seemed like a long time either. However out here in the Land of Oz time ticks by very slowly. Tick tick tick...

I wrote a few days back that I had 5 days left before I come home. Well here it is Monday and I still have 5 days left before I come home. 5 days 21 hours 32 minutes and 18 seconds to be exact, but who's counting.

I theorise that when my wife is here it won’t go by quite so slowly. I miss my beautiful wife. I miss just holding her, lying next to her, just spending a whole day doing nothing just being together. (I even miss when she gets mad and throws things, but don’t tell her I said that ;) )

I’ll be home soon!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dave Math

Things are going crazy at work again. I've been given a lot more responsibility than I wanted at this stage in my Career, but you roll with the punches and make things work. My break is coming on Sat. so that will be nice. Here is where the math comes in. Today is Thursday and I leave on Saturday, so that's 9 days right. But in Dave math, I'm almost finished with work today so the day is basically over so it doesn't count. Also Sat is only a half day of work and Sunday is no work so those two days don't count either. Next Friday my mind won't be on work, it will be completely involved in thinking about coming home, knock another day off. This leaves only 5 more days!!!

I like Dave Math!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

R & R

My break is coming up in just a couple of week!!! I'll get to see my beautiful wife again. The web cam is nice, but just not good enough. Work has been going and going, so that’s pretty much what I do here. My friend here took me to all the little shopping places around town. That was a nice way to spend Sunday. I finally got a Myspace account. More pictures to come later. It takes the patience of Job to wait for the pictures to load here in Africa!

Friday, May 2, 2008


When in Rome...
When in Africa, you must dress like an African
They all call me the African Amarican... hmmmmm...
Dave and George