Monday, March 10, 2014

Texas with my sweetie!

Texas is a fun place to travel around


San Antonio

Deer Park




College Station



San Marcos

Fun times had and many fun times to come!!!

States Visited Tour

Continuing the previous post here are some of the States we've visited

Louisiana for an Aggie Football game

Honeymoon in California

Flying through Atlanta Georgia

The mountains in Nevada

If flying through counts then driving through counts too (Connecticut, driving between Boston and New York)

New York

A picnic in Massachusetts


Hard to beat the view at the Grand Canyon in Arizona

I didn't put Texas (Should I go for the different Cities around Texas?)

Countries visited tour

Usually around anniversary time I like to reflect back on a lot of the fun things we've done over the years, knowing we have many more fun adventures to come. I thought it'd be fun to post a picture of all the places we've gone together


Dubai Airport (does it count as a visited place if you only fly through their airport?)


Pool party in Lagos Nigeria





The tiny Island of Malta


Monte Carlo Monaco



Grand Cayman

Places with out pictures shown, We flew through Bangkok Thailand but it was after 20+ hours of traveling and somehow made it out without a picture. Also the USA we had too many pictures to decide just one so I got another post with the US states we've visited!

Lucky Number 7 !

I've been adding these Anniversery pictures for a while now, but I like it so I'm going to keep doing it. We got 7 years of Married life but we have a few more in the "memories together" catagory.

I like this picture from 2005 we took a trip to California to see the Beach 

 Christmas 2005 when we got engaged

From our Deer Park days back in 2006

Rehersal dinner in 2007

Off to Mexico in 2008

Kenya safari trip 2009

Messina Hof Winery in College Station 2010

Bayou City Art Festival 2011

Galveston 2012

Bluebonnets as a Family in 2013!

I haven't decided the 2014 picture yet So I'll add it later!