Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogging from Dubai

So we started our journey to Australia, and our first stop was Dubai. We found a Starbucks with wi-fi so we took a couple of pictures and thought we would share.

Suzanne was excited that there was TP in the bathrooms here because there was none in the airport in Nigeria.

We are going to go find a Burger King and get some food. There are stores and all sorts of good stuff here.

We have 6 hours here then off to Sydney. Our plane to Sydney stops in Bangkok and then after Sydney goes on to New Zealand (maybe we should just stay on the plane and go see New Zealand)

We tried to use Skype to call people but it wouldn't call cell phones.

This past couple of weeks have been quite interesting and stressful leading up to our trip. Suzanne did all of her class stuff early so that she wouldn't have to do it while on our trip. Then we got the professor to open the test early so that she could get that finished as well. So she started the test and 5 minutes into the test her new laptop decided that it didn't want to work anymore. So we spent the next two days tying to figure out what went wrong and best we can figure is that the hard drive simply went bad. Therefore the past two days leading up to our trip have been emailing her school to allow retakes and re-downloading her school classes and redoing all of her assignments. But luckily we have my computer and we were able to get it all done and taken care of so that we can enjoy our trip.

Have fun and we will see you all later,

D & S

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nigerian Culture Day at the American School

Since school started I have been doing some substituting at the American International School (AIS) in Lagos. Last week and this week I subbed for the art teacher. All of the projects that we did were put on display on Friday, which was the annual Nigerian Culture Day. Everyone wore traditional clothes and there were all sorts of special events throughout the day.

Opening ceremony of Culture Day with horses.

A few of the kids dressed up.

The closing ceremony was held in the courtyard

Some Jr. High kids in the art room

There was a mini market set up on the tennis courts that the kids and teachers could shop at. Luckily for Dave I only had about 1000 naira on me, (about $10).
For the closing ceremony a traditional wedding ceremony was recreated.

One of the murals that the kids worked on.

This is Andrew, the art Teaching Assistant. He is a Nigerian artist and painted the mural he is standing beside. He is making Dave and I an original piece of art for our living room when we come back to Texas.
A few of the moms in native dress. Lots of parents came to the event.